The Legend of SDCC

San Diego Comic Con, or SDCC as we know it, usually Mark’s the end of Convention season for me. For many others, this usually ends in September after PAX West or Dragon Con, I have never been to the latter.

SDCC has come to a close, I reflect back on how long and how priveledged I have been as a geek who has both side hustled in popcuture spaces to full on employed in the industry.

My first SDCC was pre-Twilight. Some people credit Iron Man and thr MCU, alas it was actually Twilight that changed the way SDCC was experience. Attendance swelled, badges sold out. And activations began popping up left and right, and then in 2010 came the marketing for Game of Thrones. It was never the same.

Frankly, I am glad. Every year come July I am reminded of how great we geeks have it now. We have millions of dollars spent in creating our fantasies and catering to our interests.

I am perfectly content to come back every year, network my ass off, enjoy my fandoms, and party at geek themed events with my friends.

Everyone does SDCC differently and I am glad. For me, having a badge is not important at all. I work in the industry, I dont need to buy anything because I will 1000% be preordering collectibles that are so expensive and I don’t want to carry them as I wait in line for outside activations.

I enjoy the experience. And if other people want to cosplay or camp out for HALL h, they’re living their geek truths. I am not hating, I think it all can exist to creat this wonderful thing we experience called SDCC.

I will however leave you with this knowledge as a veteran.

  1. You don’t need a badge to enjoy SDCC.
  2. You do however need to plan ahead and know that lines are generally a minimum of 2 hours, more if you’re only going Saturday.
  3. Sunblock. Deodorant. Water. Everyone needs these 3 things. Everyone. Theres 300k+ bodies in 80 degree heat, you need it honey!
  4. Your cell phone service will be ASS the closer you get to the Gaslamp District (the area where SDCC is located).
  5. Pre register for your parties. There are usually 3-4 every night from Wed – Sat, so always pre-register when you can.
  6. Enjoy yourself. Be yourself.
  7. Dont forget to check dates for next year and give your geeky sacrifice to the SDCC gods so you can get a better hotel or next year.

Til tomorrow Midgard,

I Dream of Neo Tokyo

How many people remember where they were or how old they were when they first saw “Akira”?

I feel like I saw it some time between 1990 and 1991.
I saw the dub on Sci-Fi, back when it was Sci-Fi and not SyFy.
It used to be played every saturday morning at 6 A.M.

I was obsessed.
Not because 10 year old me understood much about the symbolism and commentary on Japanese society or it’s fears of nuclear fall out.

I was obsessed because of cool bikes and rebellious teenagers in futuristic Japan.
I was 10 and Kaneda’s bike and outfit were the coolest thing I had ever seen since the Stillsuits from DUNE.

I don’t actually know at what point I became obsessed with Sci-fi and fantasy. It feels like during the 80’s and 90’s there was such a big mish mash of movies and ideas, and I really latched onto them.

Outfit Details:

til tomorrow Midgard,